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  • Upcoming Meeting Info

    May 2024
    May 28th
    Lunch N Learn: How to Get More Out of Your Current ERP (& Delay the Cost, Pain and Distraction of Putting in a New System!) (SA Board Member - Mike Lovelace, CMA, CPA, CISA)

    June, 2024
    June 8th
    Texas Happy Hour @ Conference! (Right here in SA!)

    June 9th-12th
    Americas Member Conference! (Right here in SA!, register at far right)

    June 19th
    #1 & #2. IMA Ethics Case (SA Board Members: Torey Reese, CMA & Amanda Martin)

    June 25th
    Lunch N Learn: tbd - Save the Date! (tbd)

    July, 2024
    July 17th 
    #1.  Launching a Bookkeeping Business (Former Board Member:  Allie Medvecky)
    #2.  tba

    July 30th
    Lunch N Learn: tbd - Save the Date! (tbd)

    August, 2024
    Aug 21st 
    #1.  Paychex's Solutions (Jennifer Olivarez w/ Paychex)
    #2.  The Challenges of Being a CMA in the Cannabis Industry (Bernadette Frank, CMA)

    Aug 27th
    Lunch N Learn: tbd - Save the Date! (tbd)

    September, 2024
    Sept 18th 
    #1.  How to Cut Costs & Increase Prices to Strategically Grow Your Business (Kevin O'Driscoll)
    #2. tba

    Sept 24th
    Lunch N Learn: tbd - Save the Date! (tbd)

    October 16, 2024
    #1.  Fraud Stories from a Texas County Sheriff (Returning Speaker: Ron Long)
    #2.  tba

    Oct 29th
    Lunch N Learn: tbd - Save the Date! (tbd)

    November, 2024
    Nov 20th 
    #1.  tba

    #2.  tba

    Nov 26th
    Lunch N Learn: tbd - Save the Date! (tbd)

    December 11th or 18th, 2024

    Lunch N Learn: Deferred till January!


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Don Russell Chapter Volunteer of the Year Recipients

2022 - Dr. Amy Holmes, CMA
2021 - Addison LePere & Amanda Craig
2020 - Mike Lovelace, CMA
2019 - Allie Medvecky

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